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DaphneFit is an integrated web portal for fitness center sign-in, health measure trending, and group activity attendance tracking.
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Features and Services
Fitness Center Sign-In
Track when patients and non-patients sign-in to the fitness center or events.
Health Measure Tracking
Record, track, and trend health measures including BMI, blood pressure, and pulse.
Group Activities
Track participation of group activities, classes, and programs. Document education and provide hand-outs.
Activity Management
Schedule group activities such as walking or hiking programs - track attendance and outcomes.
Engagement App
Patients can utilize the all-new fitness app to record measures and view scheduled events.
Nutrition Support
Integrated support with DaphneHealth for nutritionists. View and manage calorie/diet info.
Fully integrated with Daphne
DaphneFit is fully integrated into DaphneHealth. Care managers and providers can review fitness and health measure data to create better care and treatment plans.
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